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county... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... as frustration levels rise... baltimore city is reminding those affected... there ii there.megan gilliland is here with more the ressurces... good morning guys, we went . around the city yesterday... have a-c... who don't have water.on cold spring lane... theyyre sweating out there. there.angela: 3.41 "girl, i had sweat stains on my was that hot." hot."but just down the take a look.a shelter at the baltimore unior academy... filled with food... waterrand a-c... empty... not one person baltimore: 10.44 "nobodyywas there!? that's strange." angela: 5.08 "a lot of people are afraid to leaae their &phomes."pam carter, city of baltimore housing: 27.05 it's &pbeen a slow day." shelter we found yesterday. y 3 there was another one on east federal street. there's also a location in east baltimore and one in eet baltimore.these shelters are open to everyone... and are available today.spread the word if you know someone who needd a little help.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morniig news. &ponn of the hardest
far is ft. mchenry from the city of baltimore itself? >> baltimore really is right outside our gate, but during the war of 1812, it was a good mile and a half, so this was really outside the city, but it was the key. it was the linchpin. it was the main defensive work that stood between the city of baltimore and the might of the royal navy. >> our guest is vince vaise, chief of interpretation of ft. mchenry just outside of baltimore. he's with the national park service and we ask you to call in with your questions, 202-737-0001 if you're in the eastern or central time zones, 202-737-0002 for mountain and pacific. vince vaise, as a stand there on the ramparts as you call them, tell us about the battle itself. how long did it last? how did it begin, and how long did it last? >> yeah. the battle was actually critical because from the angle you're filming me behind me is south, and on two weeks before the battle, you could see a glow in the sky. that was when the british captured our capital, washington, d.c., and burned the government buildings, so people were really glum. i mean, no o
at the latest num. numbers.according to b-g-e's website.... otal...anne &parundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... parroll county... howard county... while some residents here in the city are getting a little frustrated...there are resources available... that just aren't being used. used.take a look at this picture weecaptured.... not emergency shelter at the baltimore junior academm... on cold spring lane.theyyve got fooo, water and ac...waiting to be's the second empty shelter we found yesterday. the other one is on east federal street. meantime... just down the street... neighbors are sweating it out.they're unhappy with how the city ressonded and say they're aren't enough shelters pvailable. &philda james, south baltimore: different areas and help out everybody. help been out ever since friday, and still no dates: 44.03 "what is the povernorrand the mayor doing for us? they're not helping 3us" us!"for those people looking for a little relief... the emergency shelters are open &pagain today from 11 a-m to 7 p-m.the city says it's now &passessing the situation...
, noonoohing. didn't nobody say anything about it."pam carter, city of baltimore housing: 29.18 "it pit a lot of us by surprise, the major damage. i guess we didn't exppcc it tt be this muc" much."the city is asking everyone o spread the word that there is help.we'll have updates for you on our show... but for those people wwthout cable... we'll also be posting we'll also be without cable... we'll also be posting information oo our website and the shelters are still open today.i'm megaa gilliland, fox45 mmrning news. a fourth person is dead... due to the heat. the state health department says the baltimore man was over 65 years old.three offthe four deaths were people over 65... anddthe health department is warning people to be careful and seek area cooling stations. one of the hardest it still underway.ere clean up is - underway.days after the storm... residents of chinquapin parkway are dealing with a major mess.fallen trees still sitting on hhuses.... cars crushed bb branches. neighbors say they've tried tt remove the ddbris themselves... but some limbs are just too big... and all
problems continue toobe baltimore county, baltimore city... aad anne arundel county...crews have restored power to more 3 joining us now on the phone once again, is b-g-e ssokesman, rob much prrgress as your aking.... thoss last few thousand longest.... because you're getting to the tough part now. we sure hope we ddn't get more storms possibility.if ttat - happens.... that could slow more outagess areas... continues to be north e baltimoredaas after the chinquapii parkway are dealing with a majjr mess.fallen trees sttil sitting on houses.... cars crushed by branches. neighbors say they've tried o remove the ddbris thhmselves... but some limbs phey can do is wait for the city to ressond. here, and ttat wasthe day ugh pfter, whhch was saturday andd havent seen nobody since." //butt to//"where the help at, where the help at, its been five days. days. the same street is still without power... and neighbors say they're worried about some of theeolder residents wwo dont have air cooditioning. there's still a lot of repair work to be done in baltimore city...pauu gessler shows us w
,000 customers without power. the majority in baltimore county, 39,000 or so. there's 30,000 in the city. you can see the numbers to our south as well. of course, it is exactly the wrong time for people to be without electricity and air-conditioning with eight straight days of temperatures above 90. the heat is aboving to be fatal for some. -- is proving to be fatal for some. our first warning weather coverage continues now with derek value value -- valcourt. >> outside it's a scorchers. inside city health offices it's heating up. >> how are you doing? we're calling our senior citizens to make sure you're doing okay. >> the city set up a bank phone calling residents over the age of 80 checking how they're handling the heat. those who don't answer may get a visit. >> we're doing everything we can to make sure that we reduce and eliminate the number of heat related deaths. >> already maryland has seen two deaths from the heat. doctors say those most at risk have underlying health problems. >> they do worse with the heat and they do worse with every day of the heat. you can see increase aring probl
but moving from the southeast. so just north of baltimore city. frederick county. got move from the southern suburbs. the forecast for today, to start out we'll see a chance for thunderstorms then a mixture of clouds and it will be humid with a high of 95. we'll check your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. stay with us. >> our big story this morning remains the more than 100,000 maryland residents still without power since friday's storm. >> bg&e crews have been working around the clock to help restore power. since the power first went out on friday, bg&e has restored power to more than 580,000 customers, but there is still plenty of work to do. 11 news' jennifer franciotti is live at the staging area at b.w.i. thurgood marshall errant which is the staging area for bg&e. >> i'm standing hear with guys from the i.b.w. 1390 mike team in wilkes bury, pennsylvania. we have corey, lee and harry. how are things going out there? >> it's pretty tough. a lot of trees and wire down. >> does it pretty much look like a war zone? >> some places you go to, yes. just widespread damage. >> we have a real
,000 without service. in baltimore county, more than 32,000 have no power. baltimore city, it's just under 20,000. and howard county has 4700 customers still without service. in all right now, 77,000 homes and businesses still need to have their service restored. maryland's heat wave continues right now. a heat advisory is in effect for most of the state. outside, it's sunny and hot. and for the eighth day in a row, the temperature is over 90 degrees. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk, who is updating these pleasant conditions. >> unfortunately, i don't see a lot of that break coming until maybe next week. we have a break in the thunderstorms now. it's very quiet. just a few things up near west virginia. but we do expect to see things beginning to pop this afternoon. a few things showing up. not much to look at at this point. but i am concerned with all of this heat and energy in the atmosphere, we could see some widely scattered, severe thunderstorms tonight. probably between 5:00 and 9:00. most should be over by then. but there's certainly a possibility of some isolated
than 19- thousand e still customers in baltimore city wwthout power..ore than 35- thousand innbaltimore county... and more than 12- county.b-g-e has restored power to moreethan 619- thousand of its customers and joining us right now on spokesmann rob holiday for b-g-e workers and other crewss below the 00,000 below the 100,000 mark. 3 3 3 3 mark.below the 100,000 3 16 ballimooe coonty schools are still without powerr.. and will remaan closed tomorrow.all staff should still report to alternate sites. p3 you can see complete list of school closings n our wesbite at fox baltimore ot commslash neeslinks. good news as you crack open aa few crabs on this fourth of july.state biologists say this rebounded to record levels. levees.the craabing season began early.and it appears the crabs are bigger too. that's joopa roaddin towwon.managers there say they are very pleasee with the catches that keep coming into their store. <"they are heaaver. even when they're smaller, like the meddum crabs ere, they're heavier. people seem to be them.">it appears the efforts to cleanuu he chesap
>> visitors wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. sent tens of thousands struck through a fourth day without a seat. more helps arriving, but how much longer it will take. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> sometimes house by house the power is coming back on, but now the threat of new storms could cause major setbacks. tens of thousands in the dark and four days after the storm there are trees down. earlier here on state augustin's road, crews trying to remove the downed trees. it's a difficult task in the near 100-degree weather. incredible new video. this shows how powerful the straight line winds were ripping straight lines -- street signs back and forth. more storms and an update on the heat. megan mccorkle live where the lights are still out. >> here a long lake avenue, crews are actually out here guarding this giant tree that is wrapped in power lines. the work here hasn't even started yet, which means this neighborhood may not be onli some are still closed due to power outages. >>> 7 minutes after 6. three baltimore city fire companies slated to close last sunday will remain open until next monday. truck 10 in west baltimore squad 11 in southeast baltimore andtruck 15 in baltimore are staying in business to help with the storm recovery. the city extended the final day until tomorrow. but now the three fire companies are going to be opened even longer. >>> the night is the big fireworks display in the inner harbor. last year a man was stabbed to death and a young boy hit by a stray bullet. so baltimore city police have new plan to keep the peace. a fence of bike racks will be around the inner harbor as a part for crowd control. they are watching visitors by camera and there will be a helicopter in check. 200,000 are expected in the inner harbor for the fireworks. >>> 9 people including three churn were rushed to the hospital following a who will -- children were rushed to the hospital following a following a holiday celebration. >> the fire department was called to a home. >> sabc can-- abc2 is working for
. >> baltimore city police will be stepping up security to make sure this year's fourth of july celebrations at the harbor will be safe for the last year. last year's festivities were marred by a fatal stabbing of a tourist and a non-fatal shooting of a two-year old boy. officers spent most of the day setting up fencing to control foot traffic along the harbor. >> the cops are going to be as professional as they always are. they will be deployed. we have intelligent men and women who are going to monitor the event, and we are set. >> officials say a mobile police deployment will help contain any rouse the crowd before things get out of hand what video surveillance of the entire harbor will be supervised at a mobile command center. the 800 recently laid off employees at the fair rouse. steel mill is getting much needed assistance -- due to senators, grant aid has been allocated to fund training and job assistance programs for the laid-off workers. also working for the health care tax benefits for laid-off employees. >> 76 degrees on tv hill. >> it is the last thing firefighters on the west co
up with july 4th fireworks. after last year's outbreak of violence, baltimore city police say they have a new plan to keep the peace. a perimeter fence and bike rack also circle the inner harbor in an effort to control the crowd. police will watch the visitors with cameras also they will watch by helicopter. >> we wish people were adult and would conduct themselves the right way. but when they don't, we will do our jobs. >> police expect more than 200 you to people to flood the inner harbor for the fireworks show and ten times the size of the new year's eve crowd. >>> coming up this morning at a 5:45, we will talk to livefireworks experts. they will tell us about safety tips and what's legal and illegal in the state of maryland and demonstrate how to use fireworks in a safe manner. stick around for that. once again coming up at 5:45. >>> when severe weather strikes, everyone comes in to help out. >> stay with us this morning. people in parts of florida are getting assistance in the aftermath of tropical storm debby from an unlikely place. >> why hundreds are lining upoutside s
to direct our residents to a place. >> we find people bonding with neighbors and baltimore city. this man lost his power friday night. >> i was calling my neighbors, but we have not had a response. >> although some said they are running out of patience, many say they are appreciative their frustration has sparked camaraderie. because of the heat alert and the power outages, at 18 cooling centers will be open through thursday. we should also mention that the city pools will be open for an additional hour on the fourth of july holiday. >> a reminder you can find out to the minute information online at and you can also access are free smartphone apps. >> ipods for the hot ticket items sought from a video game retailer. nicklaus and james still the devices along with other electronics from the gamestop. they were bandanas over their faces, snatched the cabinet, and threatened an employee. a scare at the airport where a woman tried to get through security of carrying this yesterday. investigators say the blade was hidden inside a column. the woman was escorting her daughter to catc
montgomery county... one from wicomico county... nd one from baltimore officials remind residents that humid cooditions can lead to heatstroke and heat exhaustiin. that brings us to our qqestion of the day.we are asking you aaain if you are satisfied &pwith the mergency response t the ssvere storms. head to our facebook page and join the discussion. you can also comment from your mobile device, juss search fox baltimore and find us onlinee is churning ff to our - east.will theyyhii baltimore or will we be spared this time. time. let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid 33 the hunt is on for the gunman who shot two people inneast bal. happened near the intersection of preston and north spring stteet... about found the victimmunresponsive when they arrived.homicide &pinvestiiators were callld to the worr on any suspects. police say thee're ready for fill the inner harbor for the f. &pfourth.janice park is live at there's heightennd security s, follooing last year's marred by violence. janicee they have a nn tolerance y policy this yea
. didn't stoppmany -&peo houseeand coooinn the &pend of thh roland park parade baltimore city firefighters pprentsswho haven't had ppwer in five days.thh annnal tradition took on sppcial meaning this year. 3 "it's likeecamping in your pwn house. (laughter) i'm soonn" "not ideal, but theree you go. there are a loo worst liie..firefiihters shut off the valvee att11:30.some people in the oland park area are being tood it could be another three of four dayss before theirrpower wwlllbe restored. thousands of peoplespent this parrdes.johnnrydell was in towson...where thousandsturned 3uu...despite the heat... (rydell) "even ttough this parade starred at 10:30 this morning, by the time it ended it was well over 90 degrees, and that's whyya lot offfooks &pthouggt the best pllce to be was n the shade."((bands)) &psure it's hhttoutside...but after all...this ii...the fourth of july.((nats))ann it prowd.they're hereewwth fammly and celebrate... &piidepedence day. (ettlin) "yo need to salute and celebratt our ccuntry and the veterans who fought in the wars." ((nntss)(bb
power at this hour and most of those outages are in baltimore county. baltimore city slowly making progress a little more than 19,000 people out. if you're-- if your power is still out, let them know. those numbers mean absolutely nothing for those still without power. it is still hot and there's no end in sight
moisture moving our way but as far as carroll baltimore howard counties and ball -- baltimore cities it lost its identity. forecast calls for a this national weather report sponsored by ensure. enjoy ensure as part of your healthy diet.- ensure, nutrition in charge. >>> it is a warning signal for civilian drones. a professor proves a computer whiz can take control of them without them knowing. >> it's hijacking a plane from a distance. you're as if you're at the controls of the plane because you've captured the pilot's sense of the navigation system. >> we'll see how big a threat that is to a technology booming in the skies. >>> and with 150 years ago this month, an army bugler played taps for the very first time. we'll look at the meaning at the simple mourn full melody and talk to a bugler who has played it hundreds of times. that's on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by jif. jif, the number one choice of choosey moms. liciously creamy. it might just make you feel like a kid again. [ both laugh ] choosy moms never stop choosing
in baltimore county. baltimore city, anne arundel county and howard county, are also seeing a high number of outages. in total, 79,000 bge customers still do not have electricity. >>> right now, a heat advisory is in effect, adding to the troubles, during this storm recovery. first warning weather coverage continues now, with bob turk, who is tracking would temperatures and storms. bob? >> storms certainly a possibility upon as you mentioned. we have a couple that just popped up north and west of the region. let's take a look at this stuff moving down from pennsylvania. and there's more off across the extreme northwestern portion of pennsylvania. that could affect the region. one storm south of taneytown. another in front of catoctin, south of thurmont. these are moving off to the southeast. at 20 miles per hour. there you see them, over the last hour. heading towards walkersville. these have had a history of lightning and wind gusts around 35 to 40 miles an hour. they will continue to develop this afternoon and this evening. unfortunately, there is a risk of some severe storms tonight un
are in baltimore city and county. more than 4000 workers plan on working through the weekend to restore electricity. >>> george zimmerman hit an rbi double. he will go six innings and trying out the giants. >>> time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. we ask you what do most americans say is the biggest source of stress in their lives? is it their mortgage, their in-laws or their jobs? >> the answer is their mortgage. >> just don't ask howard and mike. we'll have one more check on traffic and weather next, right here on 9news now, isolated strong storms possible. monika? >> reporter: an investigation continues of a deadly accident. of the bw parkway, southbound is reopened. no hov restrictions today. >>> cbs there morning is next with a diplomatic showdown in pakistan and more on the life and legacy of actor entertainer andy griffith. >> even when the power is out you can keep tabs on news weather and traffic. just go to twitter and follow wusa 9. >>> happy birthday, america.
for the fireworks display at the inner harbor. after last year's outbreak of violence you may remember baltimore city police say they do have a now plan in place to keep the peace. a perimeter fence a bike racks will circle inner harbor to control the crowds there. police will be watching visitors with cameras as well as helicopters. >> we wish that people were adult and would conduct themselves the right way that when -- but when they don't we will do our jobs. >> police expect more than 200,000 people to flood the inner harbor for the fireworks show. it's ten times the size a new year eve crowd. >> people brought chairs and tarps and anything to watch the 4th of july parade. people start planning well in advance. so don't expect a front row spot today. today people have been coping out those thor for weeks. after the parade there's going to be live music at 6:30. catonsville high school will perform and the fireworks show happens at 9. >> on the docket for today mount washington begins at 10 this morning, it will start the spring well and trail down wexford and parade in towson begins at 10:po
will take a closer look at the issue. baltimore city officials prepping for tonight's fourth of july celebration. >> they are hoping for the best but inspecting the work -- expecting the worst. >> no one wants a repeat of what happened last for the july here at the inner harbor with two very high-profile incidents of violence. people are counting on the police department's pledge a better safety this year. city police advertise their stepped up security before the fourth of july. >> i saul anuzis -- i saw the news, and i feel safe. >> i think they have really beefed up security recently in the area are around the harbor. we are down here. >> i do plan to bring my kids to the fireworks. but i think this city is going to ram up police coverage. we will see how it goes. >> last fourth of july, a 4- year-old was shot and wounded and another was fatally stabbed. >> the strategy this year is not necessarily numbers, but it is agility and mobility. we will be able to deploy officers very swiftly should there be a problem. at the end of the day, we are looking for individuals that might caus
: and they are making progress. the most outages right now are in baltimore county, followed by the city and anne arundel county. more than 7500 lines were reported down, from that storm on friday. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, mike. thank you. >>> and our first warning weather coverage continues now with rochelle ritchie, who has more on the impact in cecil county. >> reporter: well, vic, the family is still waiting to see if their home can be saved. the evidence of their near death experience, still lies in their yard. >> reporter: he's only 6 years old. but benny dixon knows all too well the sound of fear. >> you can see how that was a big mess. >> reporter: dixon was seen friday night, when his parents burst into his room. snatching him and his little sister out of their bed. >> daddy said we had to go to another safe place. and we did. we went to the bathroom closet. >> reporter: his parents could hear the howling winds winds and winds and crackling trees. what happened next nearly killed them. >> my husband knew right away, a tree went through the house. >> re
has 20,000 people out and in baltimore county and baltimore city, they still have 70,000 people there without power. so the pain unfortunately is being shared throughout the state. and again, we hope -- we did see some crews here. they tell us they've been working 24/7 and we it tell you we did see crews coming buy looking at the wires here. they are on duty july 4th even at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. >> good to know. thank you. >>> making other headlines, some metro passengers taking a big risk. they climbed out of a train and walked on to the tracks. this happened after atrain broke down outside the college park station yesterday. we're told one passenger hit the emergency button and then got out. then, a few others followed trying to walk to the station. the train was eventually pushed into the station and metro is looking into why it broke down in the first place. it is also reminding passengers to never walk on the tracks. >>> all right. they are getting set for an all star-studded capitol 4th. this is video of last night's dress rehearsal. >> it was cut short. u.s. capit
hit 100 degrees in downtown baltimore this afternoon. we are kaline back little in the city -- we are cooling back a little in the city. it is hot out there, it feels like 106 in downtown baltimore. the heat advisory goes until 9:00. thunderstorms have been popping up. isolated storms in parts of frederick and carroll county. the most severe storms expected to be out to the west of us in garrett county. we love to keep a close eye on the radar. i will be back in a few minutes with the forecast. >> plenty of people will be packing the inner harbor tonight for fourth of july festivities, and city police will have a prominent presence. jayne miller joins us live with details on the stepped up security. >> you can really see it right now. in the past 20 minutes or so, we started seeing all these extra police officers arriving. they are all in uniform tonight. there are detectives on patrol tonight. all the police who are here are in uniform. joining me is the acting police commissioner, anthony barksdale. we were with you yesterday when you announced your said the plan. do you feel so
have got the 5 hundred repeaters and beast unleashed and christmas in july and emerald city premier and that's the big stuff when you go to the professional shows in downtown baltimore wherever it is this is the kind of stuff you are seeing here and this recreates theprofessional effect the professionals can do. we get as close as we can. and single shot tubes and small rear peaters and red, white blue area is is a reloadable motor cap. >> beast unleashed i love it. you brought one we can set off and this is a novelty what's the story behind this one. >> this is the rock around the clock fountain similar to the one we let off a minute ago but wheels will shoot off from the side 108 and the hour and minute hand will turn as it goes off. >> fire that baby up. this one we should tell you as he does quit laughing. seriously go ahead. fire it up. now we should mention this is one of the fireworks that is legal in maryland so we are not doing anything that is uncroup louse. he will do this on this 4th of july to see action and spirit in the parking lot. come back over here while we watch
at this picture a city where thousands of ccstomers are without power... there is not one personninside the emergency shelter at the baltimore junior academy... on cold spring lane.they've got food, water and ac...waiting to be used. this ii the second empty shelter we founn yesterday. the boxes... ready if you need them.meantime... just down the sweating without aac.they'ree unhappy with how the citt aren't enough shelters &pavailable. hilda james, south baltimore: different areas aad help out eevrybody. help everybodd out. ww've been out evvr since friiay, and still no guarantee when we gonna get ack on." doreen dates: 40.03 "whattis the govvenor and the mayor doing for s? they're not helping us!" us!"for those people ooking for a little relief... the emergency shelters are still open. information onnour website and fox45 mooning nees. a maryland lawmaker wants to prevent future ootages... by undergound.senator jimmergound.- rosapepe is calling on the maryland public service commission to come up with a plan for burying critical companies are intentionally under investing in storm
for the independence day fireworks display. baltimore city police are ready and have a new plan to keep the peace. they will watch visitors by camera and helicopter. police on bikes will circle the harbor as well keeping the crowd under control. the crowd is expected to be 10 times the size of that for the new year's eve crowd. now back to new york for more good morning america. have a great 4th of july one more check of the weather coming up in 30 minutes. 3q back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at ♪ ♪ in america your america ♪ ♪ it's my america oh, america ♪ ♪ purple mountains shining seas ♪ ♪ america america ♪ >>> gospel great, bebe winans. patriotic album called "america america." and perfect to bring us back. as we wish you a happy birthday. robin, george, lara, enjoying it. paula faris, and amy robach, here. >>> we have great desserts. we have chocolate to peanut butte
. the city of baltimore, and the firefighters and police union of new britain, connecticut, have already filed a lawsuit against barclays and other international banks, claiming that a low libor cost them a return on their investments. bob diamond, the ex-c.e.o. of barclays, is due to face some tough questions by british politicians tomorrow, and his line of defense is going to be that, at the time back in 2007 and 2008, a lot of banks were fixing interest rates. and he's going to say that the deputy head of the british central bank actually called him up and gave him a tacit green light to go ahead-- an exclusive allegation, scott. >> pelley: a lot more to come. liz, thanks very much. phony cancer drugs from overseas end up in u.s. clinics. a ruling in the case of a jetblue pilot charged with disrupting a flight. and just ahead of the fourth. the sun sets off some fireworks. when "cbs evening news" continues. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptom
huge profits, but it may also have cheated consumers. the city of baltimore and the firefighters and police union of new britain, connecticut, have already filed a lawsuit against barclays and other international banks claiming that a low libor cost them a return on their investments. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >>> a jetblue airline pilot who disrupted his own flight leaving the cockpit and screaming about religion and terrorists has been found not guilty due to mental illness. clayton osbon was charged with interfering with a flight crew after the incident in march. a federal judge in amarillo, texas where the plane made an emergency landing ordered him to a mental health facility. for further tests. >> the titans of competitive eating will take part in one of the biggest sporting events of the year. the nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island. we have a preview yesterday of sorts. our buddy john elliott coming up on the left weatherman from our weather station in new york city up against former nathan's champ. takeru kobayashi. looks like john is gobbling these
of the people of baltimore and maryland, we are honored as a city and state to usher in this international by centennial commemoration of the war of 1812. very shortly we will sign a declaration appropriately -- a declaration of peaces, of our people's coming together as we have for the better part of our -- of more than 200-year history together with our neighbors in canada and great britain, and i especially want to thank the commanders of nine other nations whose people sent their beautiful, tal ships and crews to be a part of this commemoration, and i would like to thank each of you. we are kicking off what will be a two-year celebration, and i want to especially thank the united states navy, secretary ray mabis. we could not be more proud of our men and women of the united states navy and marine corps, and the demonstration that you have made here with your personal involvement and commitment has really been outstanding. there many moments i will remember spending time at this fort. congressman burger and john sarbanes with us, i think we share a love for this place. one of the memori
customers without power. the majority of the outages are still in baltimore county. there are 23,000 here in the city and more than 5,000 in howard county. >>> it's going to be another hot and uncomfortable day for those who don't have air-conditioning. taking a live look at a beautiful looking sunny day, but it's also very, very warm. the heat advisory is now in effect. our first warning weather coverage continues with marty bass in the weather center. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. let's go to the current right now bottom line and take a look at temperatures. the heat advisory went into effect at noon through 9:00 today. it's 90 at tv hill. our normal high is 87. that 90 degrees is actually 4 degreece cooler than -- degrees cooler than this time yesterday, which is keeping the heat index a bit down. we're at 93. heat indexes this afternoon may stay below 100 degrees. the advisories or watches we have right now have to do with heat. we have the heat advisory through out maryland's 95 corridor. once you get north of cecil county up towards wilmington, new york, long island,
miles from baltimore, but i wanted to relate a story if i might about the city which is also in our county of hartford county and whether or not eustice added any part into her book about the chesapeake bay and the admiral who came into the chesapeake bay and the upper part of the flats, as we called it and stormed the city of haverty grace and the british, of course, there's a wonderful story about the lighthouse keeper, commodore, john o'neal who was taken prisoner by the marines that left admiral's flagship. they burned about 60% of haverty grace, leaving only 40% standing. supposedly those of the elderly or the infirmed were left standing and the episcopal church has the brick where you can see the musket balls had hit and the story of matilda, commodore john o'neal's daughter rode out to the flagship and commodore or admiral codburn was so impressed by her ability to come out and want to take her father back because she'd been taken prisoner that the admiral actually released her father to her and in the historical museum in maryland they have a small snuff box today that was t
on monday, july 9th. >> absolutely. on tuesday the city extended their stay until monday july 9th. something to keep in mind. head to if you want more information. >>> downtown baltimore will be buzzing with thousands of people ready to celebrate independence day. and they will be doing it with a fireworks display but city ofixes say they have been -- officials say they have been working all week to prepare for the large number of people. >> to not have a repeat of last year sherrie johnson is here on what's being done to keep 2000,000 -- 200,000 people. >> reporter: tonight is the huge night for the fireworks display. city police are expecting a large crowd for the festivities and they say they are ready. after the celebration last year, a man was stabbed to death with a broken bottle on pier 5 and a 4-year-old boy walking with his father was shot in the leg. this year, baltimore police say they have a new plan in place to make sure it is safe for people to come and celebrate the 4th at the inner harbor. they will use a perimeter fence made up of bike racks about waist high and
henry? >> the british originally didn't want to go to fort mchenry to capture baltimore and then changed their minds. it took almost a week for them to change their minds. had they gone immediately, many baltimoreans forecast that the city -- afterwards, even in correspondence before the battle of northpoint, that baltimore would have fallen. they were unprepared. they were demoralized. what happened after washington, it galvanized americans. everybody wanted to pay back. especially those who had been in the area. so when the british descended on baltimore, three weeks later, after having been in washington, there were 15,000 defendants. they'd swarmed in from surrounding counties and eastern pennsylvania and virginia. old men, young men. it was raining hard. the eastern hills, which were heavily fortified, were slashed with sudden trenches and even though the men were wet and tired and hungry, they were itching for payback. that's what it did. it fired them up. >> we talk about the burning of washington and wonderful pictures we have seen from the national portrait gallery but the building survived
baltimore, squad 11 and truck 15 were supposed to close on sunday but then the storm hit and the city ordered them to stay in business through thursday. now they will be open even longer, today the city extended their stay until next monday, july the 9th. during this storm clean up we have been very careful to warn you about avoiding downed power lines. people don't usually survive touching them but one person did. tonight he is talking to us. we have the story you will only see here on abc2. >> reporter: this is -- completely the part that's killing me. considering what he has been through the 19-year-old has very few complaints. >> i'm lucky i'm alive. >> reporter: the 19-year-old could have been killed in a freak accident following friday's storm. >> once i woke up i was like what did i just hit? >> reporter: it was a fully active power pole and it's wires which as a result of the storm he said were strung waist high like a fence across this field. while walking in the dark he hit them, dead on. >> i got knocked backwards, my hat flew off my head and from that point they said i
12 noon. >>> regional temperatures in washington. we are at 76 degrees, 77 in baltimore. 68 in haggerstown. ocean city, waking up, warm and humid. satellite radar, storms moving into pennsylvania and northern maryland into the overnight hours. some of those showers are holding together into northern are you county. the trend will be for this shower activity full out here. we will have a risk of thunderstorms back in the forecast, mid- to late afternoon, so be ready for it. here is the five-day forecast. high temperatures later today near 100 degrees. you can see the heat wave continue right into the weekend. no relief until next week. more details on the forecast. we have a special guest coming up in a few minutes. let's go to traffic with julie. >> good to see you, tucker, great to see you at nats park. capital beltway, the lanes are open but the pace is starting to slow just a by. no accidents to report. southbound along 270 as you work your way through germantown, keep in mind because it is a get raul holiday, the hoff rules have been lifted. we do have a fatal
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